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Hello. Glad you're interested in the dicshunary code. Although you might think dicshunary.com is not a serious project (ahem..), the software underlying it is fairly serious. There don't seem to be many open source dictionary scripts around, so hopefully this could be useful to you if that's what you need.

The code was originally patched together from lots of different bits of OS code by Saul Albert, but he's not a very convincing programmer. He has, however, tried to comment his code usefully and has built the dicshunary to be as modular and easy to use as possible.

Later releases will be tidier, but if you would like to become a developer on this project and have commit rights on CVS, get in touch. Saul is also very happy to help you install and configure a dictionary for free because it will make him very excited.


Mini FAQ

  • I am a programmer, how can I help?

    At the moment, the dicshunary is at a very early stage in development. If you can program in php / mysql and you want to help out, please get in touch: conny@dicshunary.com

  • I am a non-programmer, how can I help?

    First and foremost, adding your personal vocabularies to dicshunary.com! Also, at the moment, the interface of the dicshunary is only in English. While this is not really a problem at the moment ( the adaptation of the global-english language is one of the aims of dicshunary.com), it would be nice if people could use it in other major imperial languages. If you are proficcient in a major imperial language (French, German, Latin, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Amharic etc..) and would like to translate the dicshunary, please, get in touch.

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